Gloria Callus Collection, Siġġiewi

Gloria and her siblings watch planes at the runway’s end during their Sunday walk in Siġġiewi with their father. Their mother would stay at home to knit. Gloria Callus Collection
Gloria Callus (centre) and her brothers at Għar Lapsi. Their father would take them to Lapsi on the less hectic weekdays, preparing ħobż biż-żejt for the trip and buying them Coke and ice cream at the beach. Siggiewi c. 1962. Gloria Callus Collection
Gloria Callus (left) and her brothers outside their Siġġiewi home, with their cousins on the latter’s annual visit from Manchester as well as Noddy the pet dog. The seated lady at the back was their Nanna Maria. Gloria Callus Collection
A gathered crowd. Gloria Callus Collection
Murtali (fireworks) on display. Siġġiewi c. 1954. Gloria Callus Collection
Guests look on at the wedding of Gloria Callus, held in the Siġġiewi church on 21st June 1979. The gentleman on the left was Gloria’s uncle, known as Barba Gian; Barba was a common nickname for uncles among villages such as Siġġiewi and Żurrieq. Gloria Callus Collection
John Salerno standing by his cousin’s automobile in a street in Siġġiewi. Gloria Callus Collection