Magna Żmien Talks

Image credit: Darren Agius

Magna Żmien Talks

Valletta Design Cluster, Valletta

Supported by: Valletta Design Cluster

Magna Żmien host a series of presentations and talks with creatives who engage with us as artists, archivists, researchers and more. Through this public forum we reflect on the themes that we work with through the eyes of others, by starting conversations about community archives, private and public memory, hidden stories, and the creative reuse of material we have collected in our archive.

These free talks are hosted in the Valletta Design Cluster’s conference room.

Next upcoming talk: Tuesday 1 March 2022, 6pm

You Dearest to Me (Yalli Azziza Alyia)
with Najlaa El-Ageli

Tuesday 1 March, 6pm

Magna Żmien will be hosting architect and curator Najlaa-El-Ageli for a talk at Valletta Design Cluster on using personal archival material to create art. Using her latest installation which was displayed in London and Spain, You Dearest to Me,  Najlaa will explore reaching out to the past through the reference of photographs and the attempt of recreating and re-exploring the feelings aroused by the moments captured. At the same time, she will be looking at the sense of loss we often associate with our personal archives, and how archival pieces construct and deconstruct memory and emotion. Through this presentation, Najlaa will also be looking into how, as a curator,  she aims for the audience to feel his/her way around the space with conceptual maps to: delineate the journey of time, to navigate the geographies of existence, and to show how artists chart their own identity by creating connections between old and new knowledge through experience.

To explore Najlaa’s work, check out her website: